An abundance of new, different and unique offerings for bonsai.

Today, we have perhaps the largest offering of sizes and varieties of material for bonsai anywhere, and unique and innovative products you won’t find elsewhere

Our history


Clif Pottberg

started in bonsai in 1965. By 1971 he had started teaching basic classes in the Baltimore area. That same year Clif began Croton Hill Farms, a Baltimore based bonsai nursery which was subsequently renamed as Modern Plant Technology. He studied at first with E. Felton Jones and subsequently with John Y. Naka. He taught bonsai throughout the Baltimore-Washington area at community colleges, the American Horticultural Society and the Smithsonian Institution’s Resident Associates program, while touring occasionally on the bonsai circuit as time would allow.

During this time he held numerous Bonsai administrative positions. Clif was a founder and past president of the Baltimore Bonsai Club in 1971. He has been VP of the American Bonsai Society, a founding member and president of the Potomac Bonsai Association several times starting in 1972; the Annapolis Bonsai Club, the Washington Bonsai Club, and the Gulf Coast Bonsai Society after moving to Florida in 1981, and also headed the Hukyu Society and Sundamizu Bonsai Kai

Moving to Florida in 1981 Clif began a wholesale nursery which he called

“The Ranch Nursery”.

In 1983 he began RN Products, selling wholesale bonsai supplies nationwide.

Because of other commitments he had to stop his work selling and developing new bonsai products. Now Clif has begun developing some new products again, which have been sorely lacking from the shelves of bonsai suppliers.

Products such as “Supermud!” will now be reintroduced. This was a product which, for the first time, made extreme slopes and altitudes possible in landscape, penjing and saikei scenes..

modeled rocks, of many remarkable shapes and colors, and detailed for use in natural landscape designs,concrete slabs, stoneware and landscape trays,and slope stabilizers,

classic and also new tool forms,slightly improved or developed for bonsai uses not previously available.