There’s still a long way to go, but we’ll share our progress (and I’m sure some mistakes) with you.
Further, any and all recommendations and suggestions will be very gratefully received.

In general, we will usually be open on the second Sunday of the month, and the last weekend of the month, but it’s still best to call ahead. Of course appointments at other times are welcomed also.

We hope that the nursery and activities that we plan will bring new relations between the clubs in the area and the participants as well.

We’ve called the nursery Bonsai! at Pasiminan because of the numerous other activities to which the farm is also devoted: drum circles, occasional tai chi and yoga workshops, raku firing workshops, and rainbow and other spirit gatherings.

*Pasiminan, pronounced Pass-sim’ in-on, is an old Cree Indian term for what we call the persimmon. We have a small grove of persimmons and they grow wildly well here. We love them and Possums love them (the direct meaning of the term pasiminan: possum fruit), and our farm historically was called Possum Run.

Since the possum was constantly dying (playing possum) and being “resurrected”, most native Americans thought of the possum (the “white beast”) as a messenger of God. Thus, especially because the persimmon is sooo sweet, the term could also be interpreted as “fruit of the gods.” Interestingly, the term Linnaeus gave to the persimmon, Diospyros, means the same thing.


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