Classes around the surrounding areas are taught in an informal manner in a casual, relaxed setting. Students of all experience levels are welcome.

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Open Workshops
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Open Workshops 2014

Here is a list of upcoming Workshops We Are Hosting.

Workshops are held the fourth Sunday of Each Month. Our current workshops are for those that are
interested in doing a Landscape Project. Bring your own project, and let’s work on it together.

Landscape Workshop On Hold Get Directions

The Pasiminan Landscape Study Group meets at the Pasiminan farm,

18700 Lake Iola Road, in Dade City.

Workshops – 10:00 am – 2:30 pm (Half day)

Read What Other People Are Saying About These Workshops

Kay says

"Coming to your place on Sunday was a wonderful relaxing break.  And educational.  What more can I ask?"

Dave says

"Recently I attended the landscape study group which meets at Clif Pottberg’s nursery monthly.  We are attempting to raise the bar on our landscape trays or saikei.  We study and discuss perspective and methods to control the viewers’ attention when viewing our landscapes.  We study famous landscape paintings and discuss how to apply these methods to our miniature landscapes going over how to frame, how to create depth and many technical questions including materials and methods to use for particular types of landscapes such as imitating tree types, rocks, running or still water.  An example of something I found interesting from the last meeting was how when a painting was reversed but otherwise exactly the same it created a different emphasis or experience in viewing the art piece.  Our being trained to read and view many things from left to right in this culture affects our perception where those from other areas of the world would see it differently than we do.  The main subject of this past meeting was how to control the path and timing a viewer’s eyes take when viewing a landscape.  This group helps us take the miniature landscape from a craft to a higher art form."

Robin says
"For us, the meeting was a  much needed “getaway” with the group last Saturday, at the Landscape Workshop on the Pasiminan Farm. The morning was just cool enough to be spring like then warming to perfection in the afternoon. Cliff’s “Bonsai Garden” proved as intriguing as ever, full of wonderful examples of Landscapes in various stages of completion.  After a thoughtful presentation and discussion of Landscape Paintings, notably by the Hudson River School of artists, ideas were floated about how to include visual concepts and conceptual borders, “Frames” into the Bonsai Landscapes. After the presentation we wandered the grounds and discussed how we, as a group, may work on one of the many landscapes at Cliff’s in the coming months. Mary put on a delectable little luncheon which was great! We are looking forward to new landscaping endeavors and cracking into the “new” kiln to make some custom pots and trays."

Marian says
"I’m particularly looking forward to our next month’s workshop, when we will be studying and creating water effects, using some of the materials we have found to emulate many of the forms of still and running water.  We’re also looking forward to setting up the new kiln, as soon as we can, to do pots, slabs and trays as well."


Open Workshops 2014

Here is a list of upcoming Workshops in the

Florida Area.

Workshops are held half day on Saturdays. Participants are given help with maintenance, care and developing of their own personal bonsai trees. You can start new projects with the advice of the instructor, or simply just talk about Bonsai!

Sundamizu Bonsai Kai Saturday 6/ 14/ 14
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On Saturday, June 14th, the Moccasin Lake Park will be meeting

Mocccasin Lake Park is located at 2750 Park Trail Lane, in Clearwater

Workshops – 10:00 am – 1:00 pm (Half day)


A Bonsai Workshop Example – 2014

Master Class Bonsai

An intensive one afternoon experience with Steven Miller as he
makes artistic representations of other bonsai plants

Keep Your Creative Mind Alive,

Clif Pottberg of Bonsai At Pasiminan Phone (352) 424-6000


18700 Lake Iola Road, Dade City, FL 33523, USA